[INFOGRAPHIC] A history of tea

Just a quick post to highlight this great infographic. For further reading, we’ve posted a history of tea.

history of tea infographic

Source: A Health Blog

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Our matcha green tea on the Healthy Eating Blog

Matcha green tea

Metrodeco’s matcha green tea

We’re delighted have had our matcha green tea featured on the wonderful Healthy Eating Blog.

Dianne, who reviewed the matcha alongside our Liberty Spirit detox tea and Rockerfella Cleansing peppermint and spearmint infusion, said “a little goes a long way and I topped mine up several times”.

You can read the whole review here.

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Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan afternoon teas; new treats from Metrodeco

Gluten free afternoon tea

Metrodeco’s gluten free afternoon tea

Our gluten free afternoon tea was an obvious recent inclusion on our menu. Not only are more people discovering they are coeliac and/or wheat intolerant but more and more are discovering the joys of afternoon tea.

Because of our reputation for afternoon tea (see our reviews on Tripadvisor), we knew we would have aim for the best gluten free afternoon tea in Brighton. We also wanted to create beautiful vegetarian and vegan afternoon teas so I’ll tell you about those too.

Vegetarian afternoon tea

We cater for as many dietary requirements as possible and the most regularly requested take on our afternoon tea is vegetarian. This is simple to cater for as we can do a lovely range of veggie sandwiches including pesto and avocado and brie with cherry tomato.

None of our products have animal rennet or gelatin so there are no concerns there.

Gluten-free afternoon tea

This is a little harder as we try to restrict ourselves to local suppliers and we’ve always baked our own scones – but Metrodeco’s bakers have come up with some amazing gluten free recipes. It took a period of trial and error but I think we have mastered the gluten free scone mixture.

We’ve also sourced some gorgeous gluten free bread, which has received good feedback from our wheat-free customers.

Vegan afternoon tea

We also have a lot of vegan requests which is also not a problem. Our vegan cake is one of the best sellers in the shop even amongst the meat and dairy eaters.

The option that does prove more challenging is vegan AND gluten free together. Because demand is low, we need to plan ahead. But we pride ourselves in catering for all needs – so if you need an afternoon tea that is both vegan and wheat-free, just let us know when you book.

In the meantime, feast you eyes on the gluten free afternoon tea above, which we served at the weekend. Not a scrap was left so we think it went down very well.

Click on this link to book our vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free afternoon tea.

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Caffeine during pregnancy, a guide to the best teas

Can pregnant women drink caffeine?

caffeine during pregnancy

By Helen Taggart

For many women, caffeine during pregnancy is a no-no.

But does this mean pregnant women should always avoid tea? Today I’m looking at the various teas and infusions to guide you to the best choices during pregnancy.

But let’s start with a nod to the official guidelines on safe levels of caffeine during pregnancy: the NHS advises no more than 200mg a day – roughly two cups of instant coffee.

Tea is a good alternative to coffee, as it has less caffeine. Yet, even green and white teas have some caffeine, contrary to common belief. To remain totally caffeine-free you need to think about herbal infusions.

So if you like tea and want a hot drink that can be prepared the same way and without the calories of hot chocolate and malt drinks, I would recommend rooibosContinue reading

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Cream tea – the secret to serving the best in Brighton

Cream tea Brighton

Cream tea at Metrodeco, Brighton

Brighton is bustling with quality cafés and tea shops and so to attempt the best cream tea requires a real passion for the tradition.

We’re proud of our cream tea (only £5.60, book here!) – but you’ll no doubt have your own favourites too. Wherever it is served, to be among the best in Brighton, it must meet some exacting standards.

Let’s focus first on the essential elements: the jam, cream and scones. There are definitely a few rules to avoid turning these delights into disasters. Continue reading

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Flowering tea – history, culture and how it is made

flowering tea

Flowering tea

Flowering tea is the Cleopatra of tea blends – flirty, exotic and a little magical.

It comes in balls made from beautiful aromatic flowers woven by hand into finest green or white tea to form compact shapes about the size of chestnuts. Our flowering tea is made from jasmine blossoms, amaranth and marigolds.

Add hot water and the result is mesmerising – you’ll gasp if you haven’t seen this spectacle before. The flower literally opens up before your eyes, like a beautiful rose blooming at high speed, displaying a riot of colourful petals.

It really is something to behold.

How is flowering tea made?

Flowering tea – also known as blooming tea – is handmade by skilled artisans, usually in the Yunnan or Fujian provinces of China. The edible sweet-tasting flowers, which could also be fuchsias, roses, lilies and many others varieties, are sewn together into a ball. Flattened strips of white or green tea leaves are then sewn round the ball, creating the outer layer, and the flowering ball is baked for 20-30 minutes on low heat. The whole process can take a whole day.

Flowering tea in one of mdtea's glass teapots

Flowering tea in one of mdtea’s glass teapots

Flowering tea – brewing, serving and tasting

Because they are made with white or green tea, it is very important not to scald the artisan flowering balls with boiling water as this could leave it tasting bitter. In fact, 80 degrees centigrade is about right. Just as important is to use a glass teapot so that you can view the incredible blooming process. After 3-5 minutes of this magnificent show, the flower will be fully unfurled – so pour the infused liquid into a cup or glass and enjoy the delectable but mild herbaceous taste with its slight honey note.

And finally…

Once you have finished your glass, you can cover the tea ball with cold water and display it in a glass or vase, making a beautiful organic decoration.

Please visit the specialty tea section of our online tea shop to buy your artisan flowering tea balls.

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The scariest tea advert ever


It’s a far cry from the Tetley Teafolk or the PG Tips chimpanzees – this, ladies and gentlemen, is surely the scariest tea advert ever made.

In fact, with its deployment of Pennywise the clown, Leatherface Jr., and the Grim Reaper in the acting roles, this commercial by Hugarian tea retailer Herbaria is probably the scariest advert ever made, let alone tea advert.

So sit back with a soothing infusion and prepare to have the absolute s**t scared out of you!

Need some chamomile tea to calm you down? Try our Parisian Floral Calm.

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Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea and tea cocktails at Metrodeco

Valentine's Afternoon Tea and Cocktails

Valentine’s Day afternoon tea and cocktails at Metrodeco, Brighton

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style then sashay along to Metrodeco in Brighton and indulge in our Valentine’s Afternoon Tea.

A feast of sandwiches, scones and sweet delights, made with extra love, washed down with our bespoke tea and a glass of pink fizz.

All this is only £22.50 per person and served with a flourish between 12 and 5pm. Please call 01273 677243 to book.

Tea cocktails and canapés

If your romantic interlude has to wait until the evening, then start it in style. We are offering tea cocktails served in teapots but laced with alcohol, so observers would merely think you are enjoying a lovely cup of tea. How naughty!

We’re offering free canapés with the cocktails but if you want something more substantial we’re serving sharing platters for £7 per person. So come along for a pre-dinner drink or linger and enjoy an evening of decadence at Metrodeco. Cocktails are £9 per pot and serve two. Wine, beers and spirits also available. Served between 6pm and 9.30pm.

Come and share the love!


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Teapot porn and our guide to avoiding the dreaded dribbles when choosing your perfect pot

Choosing the perfect teapot

Anyone who’s ever been plagued by a dribbling spout (!) knows there’s far more to a tempting teapot that a pretty pattern on the side.

It’s not just the quality of the resulting tea that counts – there’s also a pleasure in the pouring. Which means you’ll need to consider the shape, size, functionality and the material from which it’s made to ensure an all round brilliant brew.

If you don’t know how these elements affect your tea experience, buying a humble teapot can be a daunting experience. So let’s consider each in turn. Continue reading

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Matcha green tea has many health benefits

Organic matcha green tea powder

We’ve got organic matcha tea and we’re slashing 50% off this superfood as an introductory offer.

That means that for just £9.50, a bag of Japanese matcha organic tea can be yours.

The impressive health benefits of matcha green tea are now well documented.

Because it is grown in the shade, matcha has a very high chlorophyll content, enriching it with antioxidants, the wonder compound that can help you lose weight, keep your teeth healthy and boost  your memory.

Unlike most teas, you ingest the actual leaves, which are ground down into a fine power. This can also be used in baking, smoothies and milkshakes! For more info on our matcha, click here.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Use the discount code MDMATCHA in your shopping cart (see below) when buying our matcha tea and you’ll get it half price. That means only £9.25 for a 50g refill bag, while many online tea retailers are selling this amazing tea at three or four times that price (just Google ‘matcha’ if you don’t believe us!).

Organic Matcha Tea

Type ‘MDMATCHA’ here in our shopping cart


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