A week in tea #2: pampered footballers, superbugs, a helping hand and a bit of trouble out East

Can tea fight superbugs, like clostridium difficile?

Could tea be used to fight superbugs?

Last week began with a harsh lesson in how to avoid making a prize pillock of yourself – or how to make a prize pillock of someone else when you think they deserve it.

The joke was on Wolves footballer Jamie O’Hara, who was caught moaning on Twitter about his hard life, even though he is thought to take home a weekly (yes, weekly) salary of £35,000.

Those fun-loving japesters at Dr Stuart’s, the herbal tea company, responded by producing “O’Harbal tea”, a blend “designed to sooth and relax to leave footballers to concentrate on the important things in life – like whether to buy the Ferrari in black or red.”

Fighting superbugs

There was also yet more news about the health benefits of tea.

Of course, the web is absolutely saturated with claims and counter claims about the properties of tea but when they seem credible – i.e. there is scientific testing – the claims are worth discussing.

And it is with this principle in mind that we bring you an article from the Daily Telegraph, which claimed scientists were investigating whether tea could be the next way to take on superbugs. A team from Cardiff University is reportedly looking at tea as a source of drugs to treat the clostridium difficile bacterium, which killed over 2,000 people last year.

Fighting loneliness

The Times newspaper has begun a Christmas Appeal to raise awareness of the blight of loneliness among the elderly, championing the work of the WRVS. It is an incredibly worthy cause, which is trying to tackle isolation with befriending and other projects. Its motto couldn’t be more simple, nor truer – a friendly face and a cup of tea takes edge off loneliness.

Fighting each other?

Worrying news from the East, where two Japanese food and drinks retailers have criticised tea they sourced in China, saying it contained high levels of pesticides. The two nations have been at loggerheads over a chain of islands claimed by both. One hopes that the humble cup of tea doesn’t provoke tensions further.

Image by Mark Hillary used under Creative Commons licence.

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