British Airways to serve super-strength tea – so you can taste it at altitude


British Airways Twinings

Ever wondered why tea tastes a bit funny on planes?

It’s the altitude, according to British Airways – and the airline has announced it will offer brews that are 30% stronger to combat this effect.

From February 1st, cabin crew will serve blends of Assam, Kenyan and high-grown Ceylon teas concocted in partnership with Twinings.

Mike Wright, from Twinings, said lower air pressure and humidity combine to hamper the flavour detecting abilities of our taste buds.

He added that a third problem was the fact that water boils at just 89 degrees Celsius (192 degrees Fahrenheit) at 35,000ft (10km), which is too cool to squeeze all the taste out of a good black tea.

Any initiative that makes a cuppa on board a plane more enjoyable is certainly to be applauded, as far as we’re concerned.

As long as this super-strength tea doesn’t get passengers high!

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Source: Bloomberg

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