Caffeine during pregnancy, a guide to the best teas

Can pregnant women drink caffeine?

caffeine during pregnancy

By Helen Taggart

For many women, caffeine during pregnancy is a no-no.

But does this mean pregnant women should always avoid tea? Today I’m looking at the various teas and infusions to guide you to the best choices during pregnancy.

But let’s start with a nod to the official guidelines on safe levels of caffeine during pregnancy: the NHS advises no more than 200mg a day – roughly two cups of instant coffee.

Tea is a good alternative to coffee, as it has less caffeine. Yet, even green and white teas have some caffeine, contrary to common belief. To remain totally caffeine-free you need to think about herbal infusions. If you want to get more information on caffeine, coffee and pregnancy from those in the know then this article from momlovesbest is a good informative read.

However, if you like tea and want a hot drink that can be prepared the same way and without the calories of hot chocolate and malt drinks, I would recommend rooibos

Rooibos – a caffeine-free tea for pregnant women

Rooibos is a herbal infuson that is naturally caffeine-free and can be drunk with or without milk.

It is also much lower in tannins than traditional breakfast tea. These compounds have been shown to reduce iron absorption and, as anaemia is common during pregnancy and breast feeding, it is certainly a good idea to limit intake.

Scientists have done research that shows rooibos has beneficial effects relating to depression, anxiety, blood sugar levels, liver function and constipation. 

There is also evidence suggesting rooibos may be able to relieve nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Great for fathers-to-be then too!

There are many rooibos blends on the market but beware those with added ingredients that may not be as good for your pregnancy.

At mdtea we have three, all of which are totally safe to drink during pregnancy. One blend, our Terrecotta Sunburst even comes in a non-toxic biodegradable tea sac for easy use.

Another caffeine-free infusion for pregnant women

Another of our infusions, Deliciously Decadent, is a fruity little number with no tannins and contains no unsafe herbs. With citrus peel, rose hip, lemon balm and apple it really can be drunk without any worries on your babies health.

One herbal infusion to that has been subject to debate is chamomile as it has been shown to possibly have adverse effects on the uterus. I mention this as it is often drunk as a calming tea so could appear a great choice for pregnancy. 

So perhaps avoid our Parisian Floral Calm (which is chamomile based) until the little one is born and you need to de-stress after sleepless nights.

If you’re expecting a beautiful baby boy or girl,  I hope this post helps. and if you were interested enough to read this far, please use the buttons below to retweet, like, pin etc. 

This post was by Helen Taggart, co-founder of mdtea. Pic credit: Bianca de Blok

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Michael Taggart is married to mdtea and Metrodeco co-owner Helen. He advises mdtea on marketing and because of a personal love of tea, writes the occasional post himself.
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