Loose tea vs tea bags – tea temples provide a third way

One of mdtea's tea temples

A tea temple (of mdtea’s Liberty Spirit detoc infusion)

When you’re considering the merits of loose tea vs tea bags, why not opt for tea bags for loose leaf tea?

You heard right – I’m talking about tea temples (also called ‘fuso bags’ or ‘pyramid bags’), which have all the quality and goodness of loose leaf tea and the convenience and portability of tea bags.

Why are traditional teabags inferior to tea temples?

We’ve been on a four-year mission at mdtea to excite our community in Brighton, on the south coast of England, about loose leaf tea – and it’s been working.

But we realised right from the start that there will always be demand for the tried and tested tea bag – and until recently this has posed a problem for tea drinkers and sellers.

Tea bags, you see, are associated with low quality brews. Because of their small size and flat shape, they have traditionally been home to the so-called ‘dust’ and ‘fannings’ (i.e. the bottom grade) of tea. These smaller, inferior pieces of leaf have to be used to allow adequate circulation in the cramped space that gives a brew of sufficient strength.

Along came the tea temple

In recent years there has been a break-through in the tea market and we have Tea Pigs to thank for this. They pioneered the use of fuso bags or ‘tea temples’ as they affectionately named them.

These are lovely little biodegradable mesh sacs that contain whole leaf tea and quality infusions so you can get the convenience of a tea bag without compromising on quality and taste. They are like the Nesspresso of tea, if you like. So you get the taste of loose leaf, high grade tea without being left with the mess of used leaves – and they are perfect for a quick easy brew.

How are the tea temple and the teabag different?

Tea temples are spacious pyramids woven from nylon strands into a small net-like mesh. They have larger perforations than traditional bags, which means more hot water can come into contact with more of the leaves releasing more flavour. The leaves can also move around more inside the bag and this also helps release the flavour-carrying essential oils in the tea.

Where do I buy tea temples?

The good news is there are now many independent companies now selling these lovely little bags of tea – mdtea included! Most of our best-selling blends and leaves are available in tea temples, which are assembled here in the U.K. Ours are completely biodegradable, and heat-sealed so they don’t require glue, which would detract from the quality.

They are a little more expensive than your average teabag – but offer a lot more taste.  We love them and we  think you will love them too.

Our teas available in tea temples are: Metrodeco Classic, Shades of Grey, Deliciously Decadent, Liberty Spirit, Parisian Floral Calm, Rockerfella Cleansing, Terracotta Sunburst and The Devil Is A Woman.

About Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is married to mdtea and Metrodeco co-owner Helen. He advises mdtea on marketing and because of a personal love of tea, writes the occasional post himself.
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