Presenting…our new monthly Pooch Party at Metrodeco


By Maggie Morgan,

Co-owner, Metrodeco

Tuesday (November 3rd, 2pm-4pm) sees the launch of our monthly Pooch Party at Metrodeco in conjunction with Black and Tan, the dog care company.

Our aim is to celebrate what a wonderful gift it is to have a canine companion and what makes it even better is if your best friend is reasonably well-behaved.

I have had dogs for most of my adult life and not all of them would have graduated from dog training school, I’m sorry to say. But with advice and guidance, I’m sure they would have done. Believe you me there is nothing worse than being in a park full of well-behaved dogs and yours not only stealing everyone’s ball but completely ignoring you when you’re calling him and then happily cocking his leg and peeing on a man sitting on a bench.

Black & Tan’s Terry Peckham will be on hand to give guidance and advice on all canine concerns from 2pm to 4pm. Don’t let your dog lead you; we all need to take the lead so our dogs are stress-free. Sit and enjoy tea and scones while your dog learns how to socialise. A plate of our delicious doggy treats will be on hand to reward good behaviour.

We’re raising money for the fabulous Karen Lippit and her team at Helping Paws, who have  brought in over 200 dogs from Spain and Portugal for re-homing and also contributed to numerous projects throughout Europe. This organisation is completely dependent on donations and fundraising so come for an afternoon out with your best friend I mean the one with four legs and a loud bark.


About Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is married to mdtea and Metrodeco co-owner Helen. He advises mdtea on marketing and because of a personal love of tea, writes the occasional post himself.
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