Tea cocktails – 1930s style!

By Michael Taggart

Tea cocktails at Metrodeco

By Helen Taggart, tea cocktails correspondent

Long Island Iced Tea is arguably the best known cocktail and with the ingredients including tequila, rum and vodka, it’s quite likely one of the most potent too.

But the truth is it has never been near a tea leaf; it just looks (and, some might say, tastes) rather like a refreshing iced tea.

Now, I can’t lie: I’ve sampled many of these over the years. But as my love of tea has grown and my love of alcohol has persisted, I’m more excited about cocktails that actually really contain tea. Having my own tea shop has given me every opportunity to experiment with tea cocktails.

London and New York have been the fore-runners in this twist on the classic cocktail but our unassuming little tea shop in Brighton has also been delighting customers for years with its tea cocktails.

Our tea cocktails

We have three regular tea cocktails and a cocktail of the month.

Our regulars are:

Divinely Decadent – this is the shop favourite: a vodka cocktail infused with ourDeliciously Decadentfruity infusion and served with cassis, grape juice and limes. It reminds me of summer holidays abroad.

Metrodeco Devil – for this we infuse our ‘The Devil is a Woman’, which is our lemon and ginger green tea, with gin and serve it with ginger beer.

Graham’s Ruin – this is made with ourGraham Greene & Chocolategreen tea. It’s infused in warming rum and served with brandy and orange juice.

Tea cocktail of the month

This month, we’re serving a gin-based earl grey, using our very own blend, Shades of Grey, for a naughty night out. Our friends at the Ginger Dog do a mean tea cocktail using this blend of ours too.

In December, we’re introducing a rum-based cocktail infused with our Masala Chai Express for a spicy little number to warm you up on a cold night out.

Served from teapots and into vintage tea cups or pretty antique glassware the cocktails delight the eye as well as the taste buds.

Do pop in and try one and if you hand the waitress a (homemade) card saying “Shush, cocktail please”, we’ll give you £2 off any tea cocktail.

If you want to book a Cocktail and Canapé evening with friends on a Friday or Saturday, we open until 9pm – a great way to start your night out or celebrations and only £15 per head.

Please call Helen on 07956 978115 to book and for more information……but please don’t tell anyone – we want people to think we are a reputable tea shop and not a drinking den!

About Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is married to mdtea and Metrodeco co-owner Helen. He advises mdtea on marketing and because of a personal love of tea, writes the occasional post himself.
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