The UK tea plantation that’s just like Darjeeling

Tregothnan..sorry, we mean Darjeeling

Tregothnan..sorry, we mean Darjeeling

Believe it or not, Britain has a tea estate whose growing conditions are almost identical to those in Darjeeling – who knew?!

The Tregothnan Tea Estate in Cornwall claims to be the only commercial producer growing tea in the UK and their produce is so good, they’re actually selling it to India and China.

Tregothnan apparently has a temperature, rainfall, humidity and soil pH that is similar to Darjeeling.

Estate manager Jonathan Jones told BBC Online: “The Chinese really love our British tea ceremony and our love of tea – we’re second only to China when it comes to it.

“Historically we got the drink from China and yet in polls and surveys about Britishness, tea usually makes the top 10.

“I think the Chinese like how seriously we take our tea.”

Mr Jones was recently invited to take tea at 10 Downing Street to celebrate his estate’s success.

Tregothnan will reportedly produce around 10 tonnes per harvest with half of it being exported to Asia – no mean feat when you consider that China would dominate any book on the history of tea and India is now also a powerhouse in production.

Next they’ll be selling vodka to the Russians and ice to the eskimos!

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